IP Streaming Switcher

HCV-6700 stream matrix is IP-based stream switching matrix supporting various container formats and transport protocols. It realizes scheduling and smooth switching from any input stream to any output stream, with support for up to 512 inputs and 512 outputs.

Main Features

  • IP front-end signal distribution/scheduling
  • Primary, secondary and backup signal security broadcast backup; device-level backup
  • Multi-protocol encapsulation/conversion
  • DVB broadcast front-end & IPTV, OTT new media applications

Main Functions

  • Each stream matrix channel supports primary/secondary/backup inputs and primary/secondary outputs. The stream matrix channel selects input signal in the primary, secondary and backup order, and outputs primary/secondary output singals according to user configuration.
  • One single unit supports up to 512 inputs and 512 outputs.
  • Support for scheduling and distribution of any input stream to any output stream
  • Support for various transmission forms, including udp ts, http ts, http flv, rtsp ts, rtp ts, rtmp, flv, hls segment
  • Support for PSI Mapping of output singal, i.e., PSI settings of output stream
  • Support for stream switching point with GOP boundary as split point for complete seamless switching
  • Support for dual-computer hot-standby of stream matrix server
  • Signal detection and warning
  • Configuration import and export
  • Bypass on power fail