HCV-6500 advertising insert broadcast system is used for embedding into TS stream, logos, flying characters, animations, pictures and inserting video ads. The system supports GigE/DVB-ASI IO interfaces, various video formats, bit-rates, resolutions, and offers abundant logo and subtitle overlay functionality. The overlay process does not cause image quality degradation or integration of receiving terminal equipment. The system offers advantages including flexibility, simplicity, low costs, strong informedness and real-timeness, localization.

Main Features

  • Support for four overlays: 2 corner picture overlays, 1 logo overlay, 1 rolling subtitle overlay
  • Support for manual overlay, timed overlay, emergency inserted broadcast
  • Support for real-timely change of background color, transparency, and baseplate
  • Support for overlay of picture formats including JPG, BMP, gif, PNG
  • Support for overlay of DVE reduced screen in order to, through reducing original program screen, protect original program from being overridden by overlay content
  • Support for channel management; channel can be created and deleted
  • Support for time segment management; time segment can be grouped
  • Support for material management; material can be added and deleted; delivery plan of single material can be edited
  • Support for daily playlist management and monthly playlist management
  • Support for intelligent reduced screen advertising broadcast: Advertising feature pack provided by SCV V-view video trace system is regularly updated to SCV5500 built-in storage; when TV program broadcasts ads, the system automatically reduces the original advertising screen to the left, and local advertising pictures (GIF animations or JPEG pictures) can be shown in one-third to one-fourth of the screen on the right. On the premise of not affecting normal program watching, this function broadcasts local advertising pictures in advertising time, without covering any content on the screen.
  • Support for ad insertion functionality, for seamless and smooth replacement of original video ads.

Operation Management

  • Management network port for system management, parameter configuration and user password settings based on Web browser
  • Support for online upgrade
  • Support for monitoring and log functions

Security Management and Application

  • In case of any equipment failure or power outage, program broadcast is guaranteed by circulation flow. Bypass on power fail functionality is provided for RJ45/optical interface/ASI interface.
  • Any HCV-6500 device or service can be separately started and stopped, without blank screen or flash on terminal user.
  • HCV-6500-R security management system: supports the unified management of multi-frequency multi-program ASI signal or IP signal, automatic, manual or timed straight through of source program stream, power outage loop out, time setting, IP address monitoring
  • Support for ad insertion to scrambling stream, i.e., descrambling scrambling stream, inserting and then scrambling for restoration
  • Desired input program signal in MPTS is forwarded for processing, while undesired program signal is looped out for processing

I/O Interfaces

  • Interfaces: 2x GigE, 2x ASI
  • Compressed formats: MPEG-2, H.264, H.263, WMV, MPEG-4
  • Container format: MPTS/SPTS
  • Transport protocols: UDP (Unicast/Multicast), RTP, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP Ts Segmenter

Physical Characteristics

  • Standard IRU chassis
  • 100-240V 300W adaptive power supply

Processing Capacity

  • A single insert broadcast system supports 16 H.264 SD insert broadcast or 24 MPEG-2 SD insert broadcast
  • A single insert broadcast system supports 2 H.264 HD insert broadcast or 4 MPEG-2 HD insert broadcast