HCV-6300A professional audio encoding/transcoding system is a real-time multi-format audio encoding/transcoding device, with support for real-timely encoding input audio signal into various audio formats and bit rates for playing on PC and mobile phone. The system offers only audio encoding/transcoding. With an effective high-density audio encoding/transcoding solution and a 1RU architecture, it provides a maximum of 32 audio encoding/transcoding. HCV-6300A professional audio encoding/transcoding system can be widely used in multi-screen application front-end, IPTV, OTT, digital cable TV, Internet TV, mobile TV and other scenarios.

System Input

  • Support for analog and digital audio (AES/EBU), SDI embedded audio input. The user flexibly selects input interface according to actual application scenarios;
  • Support for demultiplexing input MPEG-2 TS OVER IP or MPEG-2 TS OVER ASI video stream. The user selects desired audio program channel content for transcoding;
  • Support for UDP multicast/unicast input;
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet interface, with support for port-level backup

System Output

  • Support for IP and ASI output;
  • Support for multi-screen output and various terminals (iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, etc.); support for output with different bit-rates and container formats for the same input program source; support for output with various other formats;
  • Support for various streaming media protocols: UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP (FLV, F4V), HTTP (MMS), WebDAV, OTT (Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming);
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet interface, with support for port-level backup;
  • Support for Apple HLS AES encryption and Digital Rights Management(DRM)


  • Coding formats: MP2, MP3, AAC-LC, AAC-MAIN, HE-AAC V1, HE-AAC V2, AC3, AMR-NB/WB, WMA
  • Support for mono channel, dual channel, stereo, Dolby 5.1 channel
  • Adjustable audio bitrate 8kbps~448kbps
  • Adjustable sampling rate 8kHz~48kHz

Product Advantages

  • A high-density audio coding equipment in a 1RU chassis provides up to 16 stereo or 32 mono audio channels
  • Broad compatibility, with support for all audio coding formats on mainstream play platforms
  • Upgrade to support video coding in order to meet scale requirements
  • Support for port-level backup and N+M device-level backup based on iCluster
  • Support for Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Operation Management Interface

  • System management, parameter configuration and user password settings based on Web browser
  • Support for remote online upgrade, and system log query; settings synchronized with time server
  • Support for SNMP management protocol

Hardware Interface Configuration

  • Standard interface: dual gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Optional interfaces: ASI, SDI, HD Port, AV