Hooray Vision IPTV System

Hooray Vision IPTV system is a Live and VOD solution, working for Broadband operators, hotels, and schools, etc. Hooray Vision self-developed system, adopts HLS stream media agreement output, supporting 10,0000~20,0000 subscribers. With simple deployment. It doesn’t need reform on the former network, no need install the double-port module, supporting wireless view and a variety of programs sources. It forms a perfect, highly integrated live and VOD system, with Hooray vision active video buffer system.  Hooray Vision IPTV system is the only one which supports application on TV, mobile phone and PC in China. Basing on extraordinary R&D ability, we can offer subscribers several types of the APP with different versions UI, to bring convenience for people of different ages.


Live Channel

  • System support HD/SD Program Source from Cable Channel, Satellite Channel and self-made Channel.
  • System support Playback shifted live channel, shifting duration can be customized(2 hours and more).
  • System support live TV pause, fast forward, backward.


  • System support up to 4K 30FPS full-size video.
  • System support hardware/software decoding.
  • System support continues to play.

Consumption View

Weather Broadcast

  • System support localized weather display.
  • System support one-week weather preview.

Internet Surfing

Personalized EPG Interface

  • Personalized EPG interface for hotel, hospital and other industries.
  • System wallpaper is changeable and EPG content is editable.


Advertisement System—Value-added Services

  • Hotel or hospital owners can set up advertisement business to increase revenues.
  • Ad modes include booting Ads, EPG Ads, VOD Ads, pictures, and text Ads etc.

Technical Strength and After-sale Services

  • Strong development and after-sales capabilities.
  • We support 24*7 hours Technical Service.
  • The system supports Hot bug fixes.
  • The system supports major and minor Software updates.
  • Skilled after-sale supporting team.

On-Demand Module

  • Email.
  • E-Shopping.
  • Home Service.
  • Emergency Service.
  • Security Integrate.
  • Smart Home.



System Function Advantage
Deployment Method Flexible deployment, Any FTTH, LAN network (switch + network cable) can be deployed
Client Support Hooray Vision IPTV System provides Android TV client, Android mobile client, Web page (support computer and mobile phone)
Client APK A variety of UI-designed client APKs for users of different ages
Program source Support operator IPTV source, network source, cable tv source, satellite source, etc., and support any third-party device output source includes surveillance cameras
Advertising push Support for launching ads, Homepage Video ads, live rolling subtitle ads, TV changing image ads, on-demand pre-screen video ads, system push ads, etc.
Core System Using the Linux system independently developed by Hooray Vision, the entire installation package is less than 100 megabytes.
The installation process does not exceed 2 minutes
Backstage management Hooray Vision IPTV system has a complete background management system, the interface is simple and easy to understand, anyone can easily get started
Capacity Hooray Vision IPTV system Support 20,000 to 30,000 subscriber online at same time.