HOORAYVISION’s Electronic Program Guide (EPG) system allows customers manually edit or automatically acquire the DTV programs information, encapsulate it into DVB Service Information (SI) format. SI will then be inserted into digital TV transport stream

Main Features:

  • Flexible self-adaptive UI, which complies with EN 300468 DVB standard
  • SQL database management software eases information sharing
  • Auto-generation of DVB-SI tables including NIT/BAT/SDT/EIT/TDT
  • Support program list sorting
  • Support programs list import/export in TXT/XML formats
  • Support set-top box upgrade
  • Support management of TS streams
  • Data transmission channels up to 64
  • Support program descriptions
  • Preservation of schedule for 5 weeks ahead, with auto-switching between schedules
  • Support auto-correction of lasting period of time
  • Comprehensive log management
  • Support program list file editing
  • Support unified schedule management
  • Support both single and multiple TS streams mixed dispatching
  • Encrypted  transmission and storage of important data such as passwords
  • Maximum total programs up to 1024