HTV- VHF Series

The FM transmitter air cooling is composed of one 1000W PA components. Each PA component adopts single tube BLF178XR amplifying module, DC50V power supply. Overall unit adopts sufficient MOSFETs with peak power output more than 10% of the rated power. Overall efficiency is more than 50%, and the power amplifier efficiency is over 70%. Reliability and adaptability. The working output power of our product is only 80% of the maximum output power, with high quality exciter, complete sealing, full shielding power amplifier and high level passive device. Three-proof design (dust-free, high temperature-free, anti-interference) is used in key units, high adaptability, and the MTBF is 5000 hours. High efficiency and perfect cooling system. the temperature between inner and out is only 12℃ difference. The fan power is below 300W. RS485 for lower communication and RS485/RJ45/GSM SMS interface for upper communication. Centralization management of the transmitter and the function components can be realized via a 8” true color touch screen and the system controller.Emergency On/Off button for manually turn on/off the transmitter besides the touch screen.



Rated output power 1KW
Work frequency 87~108MHz
Frequency deviation <1000Hz
Audio input level 0dBm±6dB
Audio input impedance: 600Ω balanced or ≥2KΩ unbalanced
Pre-emphasis 50μs
Rated frequency deviation ±75kHz
Frequency response ±0.2dB (30Hz~15KHz)
Harmonic distortion <0.3% (30Hz~15KHz,75kHz frequency deviation)
FM SNR >65dB (1KHz modulation, 75KHz frequency deviation )
Pilot carrier frequency 19kHz±1Hz
Pilot signal modulation degree 8%~10%
L/R signal level difference ≤0.3dB (30Hz~15KHz)
L/R signal separating degree ≥50dB (30Hz~15KHz)
Parasitic amplitude noise <-50dB (no modulation)
Residual wave radiation ≤1mv, and is 60dB lower than carrier power.
Total system power consumption <5500W
Dimension 586mm (W) X 1650 mm (H) X 970mm (D)
Work environment requirement
Environment temperature 0℃~ 45℃
Relative humidity 95% (Non-condensate)
Altitude ≤2000M
Working voltage three phase AC 380V±10%, 50±2Hz