HTM-400I 400W MMDS Outdoor Digital Transmitter is a kind of digital facility working on S band (2.0-2.9GHz). This equipment adapted latest generation power amplifier chip LDMOS. It supports both analog and digital modulation and adapts to multiple modulation modes like DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, nQAM, ISDB-T/TB and etc. AGC function guaranteed the reliable operation of the equipment by maintain constant power output of transmitter. It also has auto-alarming and lightning-proof functions. As the advantages mentioned above, this equipment can widely apply to point to point and point to multi-point transmission and signal coverage.

Main features

  • With optional SMS module can monitor the abnormal values real-time.
  • Adapted new generation power amplifier (transmitting power increased and un-linear distortion effectively decreased).
  • Aluminum structural design, with natural heat dissipation or forced air cooling design, equipment operational reliability can be improved.
  • Signal debugging design (maintenance can be simply carried out).
  • Simple debugging procedure, signal opening can be achieved without specialized instruments.
  • Multiple choices in power level and local frequency.
  • Extended interface for remote control.
  • Small in size, easy for construction and maintenance.


Model HTM-400I 400W
RF Output Power(P-P) 400W
Shoulder Ratio(dBc) ≥40 64QAM
≥30 QPSK
RF Output Frequency 2000~2900MHz

(frequency band carrier signal takes could be set arbitrarily)

Max Bandwidth: within 300MHZ
RF Output Interface 50Ω/N connector
Return Loss: 20dB
RF Frequency Response BW: 200MHz
Passband Fluctuation: ≤2.0dB
Any Within 10MHz: ≤1.0dB
Group Delay Characteristics ≤40nsec
Local Frequency 2033MHz(or specified by user)
Stability: 1×10-6
Local Ocillator Phase Noise NΦ≤-100dBc/Hz@10KHz
IF Input Level -25~-10dBm
IF Input Frequency 467~667MHz(or specified by user)
IF Input Interface 75Ω/F connector
Return Loss: 15dB
In-band Spur Restraint -60dBc(relative signal level)
Automatic Level Control 20dB
Environmental Conditions Working Temperature Range: -20°C~+45°C
Humidity: no condensation
Relative Humidity: 0~95% nonsaturation
Working Voltage AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Power Consumption: Depending on power levels
Packaged Size (L*W*H) 103*56*58cm
Packaged Weight(Kg) About 88 kg