Hooray Ku band wireless digital tv transmitter is a kind of wireless digital TV signal transmission device newly developed by Hooray Unicom. It has indoor and outdoor type, and works on Ku band (10.7GHz -12.0GHz).The Trans- miter adopts outdoor water-proof structure, modularization design and high power output. The output power of Ku band transmitter is designed from 200mW~24W. The series transmitter can be used in DVB-S/S2 wireless point to point signal transmission system and applies to multiple digital modulation modes and can be used for multi-channel digital TV signal coverage over a range of 30km. It is also widely used as a satellite uplink power amplifier (frequency can be specified by user). Today, this kind of transmitter offers the best technical proposal which can replace MMDS signal coverage.

Main features

  • The Ku series transmitter is specifically researched, designed and produced according to the demands of customers.
  • With a wide frequency band, large program capacity and strong ability of anti-interference. Operation frequency: 10700-12000MHz.
  • Optional Output Power: 200mW/2W/4W/ 8W/10W/12W/16W/24W.
  • Low cost in receiver: TV signal can be easily received with any Ku Receiving antenna existing in market installed.
  • With the all-aluminum material and outdoor structure, its convenient modular design can arrange on antenna directly to reduce the loss of feeder.
  • With design of rain-proof and moisture proof around the clock.
  • With simple process in installment and debugging.
  • Convenience in maintenance.
  • Combined Ku series transmitter with MMDS/DVB-T transmitters of Hooray Unicom, we can build seamless coverage system with higher cost performance.
  • With RFU modularization, broadband and high consistency design, super-linear and all-solid-state power amplifier.
  • Automatic Level Control in larger dynamic range (ALC); Automatic Gain Control (AGC); adaptation of wide dynamic range in different environments.
  • With over-VSWR, over-voltage, over-current, over-heat and lighting auto-protective functions.
  • With extended interface for remote control and GSM message auto-alarm system (optional), concentrated monitoring can be achieved.
  • With the international and the domestic advanced level of the design and production of equipment.
  • Succeed used in Philippines, Laos, and Indonesia, Somalia, Mexico, South Africa and other regions and countries.