Hooray Vision HM-500M is a new product platform of multi-function adapters. The series includes products for interface adapting between ASI and IP with other functions such as pass-through, multiplexing and scrambling provided.

HM-500X series supports module authorization management system, by which the MUX  and Scrambler function added/deleted anytime by license. The products also supports web-based management and SNMP, which makes it possible for remote online control and monitoring.

Main features

  • Flexible configurations with module authorization management system
  • Support multiple types of interfaces for adapting
  • Changeable input/output interfaces supported by multifunction mother board design
  • Output bit rate up to 650Mbps
  • Up to 24 multiplexing channels
  • Up to 4 CAS simul-crypt
  • Real-time statistics of program bit rate; real-time program analysis
  • Manual PID mapping
  • Auto saving of user configurations
  • Import/export device parameters
  • Web-based management for online remote upgrade and control
  • SNMP for online remote monitoring
  • Power failiure memory recovery