HDQ-5062 ISDB-T Modulator (IP Input)

HDQ-5062 IP ISDB-T modulator is developed to adapt Japan, Brazil, Argentina and other South American country’s terrestrial digital television. The modulator’s channel encoding and modulation mode is fully complying with the ARIB STD-B31 standard. This simple ISDB-T modulator supports 1Gb IP port input, within 4 Stream inputs, and Mux output all program to 2 Independent RF signal, In order to improve the output performance of the transmitter, this ISDB-T modulator also simultaneously supports adaptive linear and nonlinear digital pre-distortion, layered transmission and three transmission modes. Furthermore, this device can be upgraded and controlled through network system, which can be widely used in ISDB-T digital broadcasting network’s setting up and set-top box design’s production and test.

  • Fully complying with ISDB-T (ARIB STD-B31) and ISDB-TB standard
  • Support 4 Streaming input, 1Gb IP Ports,
  • Layered transmission with A, A+B, A+B+C hierarchy modes
  • Supports TS input(one Layer only) and ISDB-T BTS input(up to 3 Layers)
  • Support MFN and SFN
  • Support up to 3 transmission modes: mode1(2k), mode2(4k), mode3(8k)
  • Supports adaptive linear digital pre-distortion (DPD)
  • Supports adaptive non-linear digital pre-distortion (DPD )
  • Excellent RF performance, MER≥42db
  • RF output 2 Independent frequency range: 30~960MHz with 1Hz step
  • Constant temperature crystal oscillator, as high as 0.1ppm stability
  • LCD/Keyboard and net management(SNMP)