5021 QPSK Modulator

HDQ-5021S DVB QPSK modulator which fully complies with DVB standard is one of the advanced head-end devices of Hoorayvision modulating series. It supports DVB technical specification for QPSK encoding, including FEC encoding, and Reed Solomen(RS) Correction encoding.
The modulated signal outputs from HQ-5021S will be sent to TV/microwave channel for the transmission through HFC and MMDS network.
Based on the system needs from customers, HQ-5021S can be applied to various digital bandwidth application systems, including digital television system and data broadcasting system

Main features

  • Error coding correction complied with DVB-S standard
  • Input TS bit rate range: 1~60Mbps
  • Output symbol rate range: 1~45Mbaud(adjustable), step size=1Kbaud
  • Output signal bandwidth (BW) range: 1.25~56.25MHz (roll-off  factor=0.3)
  • Output EPL range: 95dBuV~110dBuV(step size =0.5dBuV)
  • Support real-time display of data format, with self-adaptive 188/204 data packet length
  • Adopt extra-large cache memory for both constant and inconstant input bit stream at ASI interface
  • Support NIT mapping (over 44 frequency spots) and sending functions
  • Support  PID filtering and re-mapping
  • Customized extraction, analysis, and modification of each PSI/SI table
  • Support replacement and insertion of SI table
  • Support the filtering of input empty data packets and the padding of output data packets
  • Precise PCR correction of multiple PCRs in the input data separately
  • Real-time detection and display of input system rate and valid bit rate
  • Support -20 dB RF test port and intermediate frequency output
  • Support Web-based network management, with online upgradable embedded programs
  • Power failure memory recovery