HDQ-5018X ATSC-T modulator

HDQ-5018X 8 in 1 IP to ATSC modulator is the latest generation Mux-modulating all-in-one device. Its modular design with each daughter card containing 8 multiplexing modules and 8 ATSC-T modulating modules makes each sub-card able to work stand-alone and receive the UDP format TS through GE port. It can support up to 256 different input address (IP address and port number) and output adjacent channel carrier (40M~860M) through the two RF output interfaces. Additionally, 1U chassis supports up to 3 cards (24 channels mux-modulation) while the 4U chassis supports up to 12 modules (96 channels mux-modulation).
This HDQ-5018X 8 in 1 IP to ATSC modulator has adopted slot structure to allow maximum 3 HDQ-5018X cards to insert one device simultaneously. To draw a conclusion, its excellent integrated level, powerful performance and low cost make it adequate for the new generation CATV system.

Main features

  • Dual power supply
  • 1 GE input, RJ45 interface or SFP
  • Supports up to 256 channels TS over UDP, MPTS or SPTS
  • Supports unicast and multicast, supports IGMP v2\v3
  • Max 840Mbps for all input
  • Supports 8 channels multiplexing
  • Supports accurate PCR adjusting
  • Supports PID filtering, remapping and PSI/SI editing
  • Supports up to 180 PIDS remapping per channel
  • 8 adjacent ATSC-T 8VSB carriers output ,compliant to ATSC A/53 standard
  • RF output frequency range: 40~960Mhz, 1Khz stepping
  • RF output level: -16~0dbm(per 8VSB carrier), 0.5db stepping
  • Excellent RF performance, MER≥40db
  • Support NMS/SNMP management
  • Modular design,1U chassis support 3 modules , 4U chassis support 12 modules