HDQ-5016C 48QAM

Hooray Vision HDQ-5016C Multi-functional IP QAM modulator can receive multiple TS in form of IP data, and then multiplex, scramble, and insert local information to the TS. It finally outputs RF signals after QAM modulation. The input signal could be the IP output from encoder/receiver/multiplexer/VOD server, and it can be used in DTV core-to-edge TS processing and modulation.

Main features

  • IP data input: GbE SFP port and RJ45 port
  • 48 DVB-C Frequency Output
  • Support unicast and multicast (IGMP2.0/ 3.0)
  • Complete solution for multi-channel re-multiplexing, scrambling and QAM modulation
  • Input stream auto-detection and user configuration auto-saving
  • Support up to four simul-crypt CAS and DVB-CSA scrambling
  • Support SI/PSI auto-generation or manual uploading during re-multiplexing
  • Support PID filtering, mapping, and pass-through
  • PCR auto-correction
  • Support ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C modulation, output frequency range: 30 MHz~860 MHz
  • Dual RF output ports with up to 48QAM frequencies output (4-adjecent-frequency)
  • Outstanding out-of-band rejection, in-band EPL balance capability
  • Support gain fine-tuning
  • Support Web/SNMP-based management
  • Support device configuration import/export
  • Support online remote update
  • Multi-language GUI
  • Support monitoring of operation temperature and power supply status
  • Dual power supplies designed for warm standby with seamless switching