HC-1008 IRD

8-Tuner SD IRD HC-1008X can receive and demodulate eight channels of DVB-C or DVB-S RF input signals, then encapsulate the demodulated transport streams into UDP packets and transmit the signal through its MPEG TS-over-IP (or ASI) output ports. The device supports web-based management and online remote upgrade.
HC-1008X offers two modes which equipped with different input/output groups. Besides, the configurations such as scrambling channels can be upgraded by software authorization. And the users can achieve flexible configuration according to their requirements.
HDC-1008X can be used at head-end equipment rooms or capturing/editing/broadcasting center of cable TV stations. It can provide fast and maneuverable service of information transmitting/trans-coding to fulfill various customers’ needs to build their own DTV head-end systems.

Main features

  • Support standard demodulation modes of DVB-C/DVB-S
  • Support eight independent RF inputs, one TS-over-IP output and two ASI outputs
  • IP output data rate range: 1 ~ 800Mbps
  • Support 16 TS multiplexing channel
  • Support simul-cryption and DVB-CSA scrambling
  • Real-time bit rate statistics and program information analysis of input and output TS
  • Support PID mapping
  • Support two different input/output groups
  • Auto-save of user configurations for the recovery of previous working status
  • Support device configuration import/export
  • Support WEB-based management
  • Support online remote upgrade
  • Power failure memory recovery