HME-400 HD SDI 4G Video Encoder Wifi Live streaming encoder

The Hooray Vision HME-400 4G live encoder has two high definition video interfaces (HD, SDI), which is a video server that uses wireless 3G/4G networks, Wifi networks, and wired Internet to push high definition video. Supporting high definition 1080P60Hz resolution coding hardware equipment, using the latest efficient H.265/H.264 high-definition digital video compression technology, with stability and reliability, high definition, low bit rate, low delay and other characteristics. Input high-definition HD (SDI) audio and video signals, code processing, DSP chip compression processing, output standard TS network flow, directly replace the traditional acquisition card or software coding, using hard coding, more stable system, more perfect image effect, and in the same time can support the mix of external audio and video mixing. Input. Equipment integrated internal lithium battery, in the absence of a network of outdoor, can live by mobile phone 4G card network. Quick to HD video uploaded to the server. It is widely used in various situations where high definition video signals and high resolution and high frame rates are collected and based on IP network transmission. The strong scalability can easily cope with different industries and needs. It can be used as a video encoder, live broadcast, live television, live broadcast of products, live broadcast of wedding and live sports competitions. Etc..


Main Features

Using standard H265/H264 Double Coding

Support 1 way HD (SDI), 1 way analog audio input.

Fully support the ONVIF protocol and support NVR video broadcasting

Audio coding support MP3/AAC/G711

Audio support left and right channels, support volume size adjustment.

Code flow control: CBR/VBR rate control, 16kbit/s to 16Mbit/s

Network interface using 100M full duplex mode

Support HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTP, UDP multicast, UDP unicast, FLV, HLS and other protocols (RTMP supports input user name, password function)

Output video stream format: TS/VES/AES stream and so on

WEB operation interface, Chinese and English configuration interface is optional, can modify the password.

Support network remote management and upgrade.

Supporting mainstream, sub stream multi protocol and multi stream output

Support output resolution set separately, zoom in and out.

Supporting LAN LAN, Wan WAN transmission

Support three groups of Chinese, English and picture OSD. The font size is adjustable and can be set to any position on the screen.

Support DHCP to get IP automatically

Support one button to restore the default settings

Supporting multi brand set-top box decoding

Network TV high-definition acquisition system

Digital signboard high definition flow server

Video collection of network conference system

Instead of high definition video capture card

Hotel and hotel cable TV system

Operation room, live broadcast system

Live and broadcast system of education and teaching

Digital court high definition live broadcast system, video broadcasting system

Access to network monitoring platform to support vide


Technical Specifications


HME-400 4G High definition live encoder HD/SDI

Audio and audio input

Video input

The 1 CH HD video interface supports HDCP or SDI video interface.

Input Resolution

1080P\1080i\720P 、 1600×1200\1400×1050\1440×900\ 1280×1024\1280×960\1280×800\1024×768\ 800×600 720×576

Audio input

1 CH HD built-in audio, 1 road 3.5 analog audio

Audio and audio coding parameters

video coding

H.265 Baseline Profile

H.264 Baseline Profile H.264 Main Profile H.264 High Profile

Coded post size

1920*1080/1280*720/1024*576/960*540/ 850*480/720*576/720*540/720*480/720*404/704*576/640*480/640*360

Video code rate

CBR/VBR bit rate control 16Kbps-12Mbps tunable

Video frame rate

25/30 Frame

Subtitle superposition

Chinese, English, pictures

Audio encoding


Audio code rate


sampling rate


Network parameters

Network port

1,RJ45 10M/100M/1000M

Network protocol

HTTP、RTSP、RTMP、UDP、Multicast 、uni cast 、FLV、HLS

Steam Type






WEB,Remote upate



LTE-TDD  Band 38/39/40/41

LTE-FDD  1/3/5

TD-SCDMA  Band 34/39

UMTS  Band 1/5

GSM  850/900/1800/1900










5V/DC 2A



working temperature


Working humidity