The Stream Gateway Convert Stream Protocol for IPTV OTT Project

Stream Gateway

Hooray Vision HA-1000 IPTV OTT Stream Gateway is used for the protocol conversion scenarios and streaming media distribution scenarios.
It can convert IP stream protocol from HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP and HLS and USB (ts file) into HTTP, UDP, HLS and RTMP protocol. The system can achieve the integration by receiving a variety of commercial streaming media services. Also, the system can provide streaming media services directly.

Main Feature

  • 7 channels IP input over UDP, Http, RTSP and HLS (CH1~7, 1000M)
  • 1 channel IP output through DATA port(1000M) over HTTP(Unicast) and UDP(Multicast)
  • USB for playing program and upgrading system
  • VGA for connecting displayer
  • Memory:2G, 4G(Optional)
  • Solid-State Disk(SSD): 16G, 64G(Optional)
  • Control via web-based NMS management through DATA port


Input 7*1000M
2*USB 3.0
Input Protocol HTTP(Unicast),UDP(Multicast),HLS,RTP, RTSP (over UDP, Payload: MPEG-TS)
Output 1*1000M
Output Protocol  HTTP (Unicast), UDP(Multicast) HLS and RTMP
RAM 2G/4G (Optional)
HDD 16/64 (Optional)
General Operation Web-Server
Language Chinese/English
Dimension (LxWxH) 328 mm x 482 mm x 45 mm
Environment 0~45℃(Work);-20~80℃(Storage)
Power Supply 220VAC±10%,50Hz
Consumption <50W