System composition and description


   Digital Head-end

In this DVB-T2 system which transports with MUDS includes 48 programs. In this 28 programs there are 8 programs from IRD which without encoding, the last others all come from satellite receivers then come into Encoder. Above is this system’s input source.

This system is IP system, all streams come through IP. Detail is this: Input source include Encoders and IRDs take the output to data switch in multicast. The DTV Stream Process Platform DCM receives all input source from data switch. The platform does multiplexing and scrambling the programs with DCM, output 2 channels multicast stream to data switch. T2 Modulator get the multicast stream from data switch output 2 channels RF signal. This all is the head-end.

Our transmitter is 600w broadband transmitter. This transmitter’s frequency area is from 558MHz~590MHz, include 4 center frequencies.

 Main parameters

Item Description
Total programs 48
Signal source Encoding Programs/Satellite Programs
Program Format MPEG-4 SD/HD
Available satellite up-linking Tower 60M
Available Machine room Yes
CA Requires Hooray CAS
Modulation Type:DVB-T2



FFT=32K ,PP7/PP8,GI=19/128

TX power UHF 600W Indoor