System composition and description


   Digital Head-end

All Local DVB-S/S2 STBs provide AV signal to Encoders, after encoders compress signals to H.264 format with CBR, TS out from encoders go Muxer & Scramblers to signal multiplexing and scrambling, after Muxer & Scrambling processing, TS with CAS information will go DVB-T2 modulator to RF processing. RF carrier from modulators after combiner go 300W outdoor transmitter. Transmitter output connected with 7/8” feeder to go ZCG Omni antenna to coverage local target area.

 Main parameters

Item Description
Encoding Select Format: MPEG-4 SD, CBR (VBR for sports programs)

Video bite rate/programs


Audio bite rate per program


Note: For local programs if needed

Frequencies Channel Amount 3 Channles,562MHz ,transmit 16programs , 570MHz ,transmit 16programs, 578MHz ,transmit 16 programs
Transmit programs 48 (Encoding ) Adjustable depends on actual situation
CAS system Hooray Vision
Modulation Type A:DVB-T2, QAM 64


Bandwith:8MHz ,PP=7,GI=1/128, FFT=32K,

FEC Block=224,Nb OFDM=68,Code=5/6

Total bandwidth requires 24MH
Modulate frequency 562-578MHz
Transmitter power 300W, Outdoor Type
Antenna Omni ,Slot (ZCG, Horizontal,9.5dB Gain)
Tower 40M