Hooray Vision Hotel EOC IPTV Solution

Hooray Vision has prepared the fully hotel EOC IPTV Solution, The hotel EOC IPTV solution solves the cable problems encountered during the traditional hotels upgrade to IPTV system. Because the ethernet cable could not be re-deployed, The hotel EOC IPTV solution provided the hotel with a cost-effective solution.

hotel eoc iptv


  • The solution has outstanding function and applicability. It is suitable for the existing broadcasting & cable TV network, such as star and chain hotel.
  • Simple installation in short time and easy maintenance. There is no need to install new cable to the guest room.
  • The product is diverse and powerful. We can provide a variety of indoor, outdoor, ONU and EOC head-end equipment,  to meet the needs of different occasions.
  • Support the IEEE1901 standard
  • Smoothly upgrade to the next generation, providing more powerful features.