System description


   Digital Head-end

    Signal source though MPEG-4 Encoder and carry out with IP stream, at the same time client old satellite receivers carryout TS though ASI to IP adapter to convert into IP format ,all IP stream though DCM IP processing platform to multiplex and scramble ,and IP QAM will select the corresponded TS stream from G-bit Switch to carry out with RF signal .

   Subscriber Terminal

With the receiving STB only, the subscriber can get the signal easily.The billing center will be set in the office; Client can have more than one billing server to carry out subscriber management. The client servers will communicate with the head-end server though network with TCP/IP protocol.

 Main parameters


Item Description
Standard DVB-C
Programs amount 76  (Encoding +Satellite )
Signal source Treatment Encoding + ASI/IP (IRD)
Encoding way MPEG4
Signal Transmission IP (UDP)
Modulation 64QAM, DVB-C Standard
Bandwidth 8Mhz/Channel
Frequency Channel Amount 8
Total bandwidth 64Mhz
Signal source Satellite FTA programs+ Satellite scramble programs
Satellite FTA programs


Encoding 16
Programs Format Video : MPEG2, H.264  Audio: MPEG2, AC3
Current device Satellite Receivers:

Motorola , Cisco , Captive Works, Comtelsat ,General Instrument, Scientific Atlanta, Zimwell, MVS, Topfield

Analogy Modulator: PICO MACOM

Current Network HFC

Typical :Fiber + Amplifier + Tap + Splitter

Available Machine room Yes
Turn key projection Yes
CA Requires Hooray Vision