System composition and description


   Digital Head-end

    The Point to Point Device will Send the Main Station IP Signal from DCM Output and the Repeat Station will receive and Resend into the 2 HQ-5041 DVB-T2 Modulators and Send to the Outdoor Transmitter by -9 Cable. All T2 Signal will Send by Omni Antenna.


 Main parameters

Item Description
Frequency Amount 2 frequencies, 584MHz, transmit 16 programs;592MHz, transmit 18 programs
Transmit programs 34 (From main station), Adjustable depends on actual situation
CAS system Hooray Vision CAS
Modulation Type A:DVB-T2, QAM 64


Bandwith:8MHz, PP=7, GI=1/128, FFT=32K,

Total bandwidth requires 16MH
Modulate frequency 584-592MHz
Transmitter power 100W, Outdoor Type
Antenna Omni, Slot (ZCG, Horizontal,9.5dB Gain)
Tower 40M